A review of west side story in production of the papermill theater

With her friends, in the bridal shop where she works, Maria is ecstatically happy, and she sings "I Feel Pretty. The sniffling was heard throughout the theater. Bahgat allows each scene and musical number room to develop its own feeling and rhythm.

It was fascinating, refreshing, poignant, and compelling. Their several duets are all that they should be. Everyone executes their moves but no one seems to go that extra inch or two into the risky bit of theatre.

The fact is, this production would never have seen the light of day again if Arthur Laurents, who wrote the book, had his way. Director David Bahgat and choreographer Nicolette Montana effectively use a relatively small stage to good advantage, concentrating and focusing the energy of the music and dance numbers.

No passion — no story. Why do you kill?

Guthrie revival infuses 'West Side Story' with fresh urgency and electricity

Its young cast and creative team find a fresh spirit in a classic musical. And "America" sung by Anita and her Puerto Rican girlfriends.

They hate each other. Simmons, though sometimes physically stiff and perhaps less passionate than Tony needs to be, thoughtfully interprets the subtleties of his songs. West Side Story was conceived and born in that world. Like a lovely cup of tea that someone offers you.

Are you open to new perspectives on old ideas or stories? Do see this exceptional show. There are, thank goodness, moments of levity: But Maria loves him anyway. This story is supposed to be about young men filled with wild hormones, all dressed up and nowhere to go, and the tragedy of such a state of existence.

Getting in the way of their war are Tony and Maria, a white American and a Puerto Rican, who fall in love at the school dance.

He must have set high, stringent standards for the dancing and hired only dancers who could meet them. It surges with a roar, its energy and sheer life undiminished by the years. Street gangs and the beat generation on the one hand, 76 Trombones and Mamie Eisenhower on the other. Previous revivals had been a flop and Laurents felt that the show was dated.

Everyone except Maria and the few adults we see seems to be dressed in semi-contemporary clothing, which pushes us out of the time frame.

Some of you will have been fortunate enough to see her as Vanessa in In The Heights and she does not disappoint here. Its tender, romantic passages are emphasized by their brevity: The Company Cast 19 Mar Darren Cohen led an outstanding piece orchestra.

BWW Review: WEST SIDE STORY at Paper Mill Playhouse is Magnificent

Barrington Stage has gone all out with this production. The entire production is emotional and spectacular. She is the bright light of the sometimes disappointing revival along with Karen Olivo, who plays Anita and previously made a name for herself in "In the Heights".Ana Isabelle (Anita), Marco Antonio Santiago (Bernardo) and the cast of the Guthrie Theater’s production of West Side Story, based on a conception of Jerome Robbins with a book by Arthur Laurents.

Music by Leonard Bernstein, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, directed by Joseph Haj. In the nearly 50 years since it first debuted on Broadway, “West Side Story” has earned a prominent place in the public consciousness.

But still, Natalie Cortez knows the show better than most. West Side Story is described by Paper Mill as “the stunning, groundbreaking and legendary musical that set the bar for all musical theatre.

Theater review | 'West Side Story': Children's production lends freshness to popular musical

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is transported to s. "West Side Story" is, of course, "Romeo and Juliet" set in Manhattan. The white gang, the Jets, constantly confront their enemy, the Puerto Rican gang, the Sharks. And vice versa. Marco Antonio Santiago (Bernardo), Ana Isabelle (Anita) and the cast of the Guthrie Theater’s production of West Side Story.

Photo by T Charles Erickson. That said, as a finale to a strong season that included the Broadway-bound “The Bandstand” and “A Bronx Tale,” it’s nice to see the Paper Mill going back to its traditional roots with a solid revival of “West Side Story,” Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim and Arthur Laurents’ timeless and tragic classic.

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A review of west side story in production of the papermill theater
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