An overview of the sports acrobatics

Traditionally, balance routines were often performed to slower music, but not exclusively so. This often involves the base, or bases in the partnership propelling the top through the air and through a series of somersaults or twists.

Competitions[ edit ] Acrobatic Gymnastics is part of the World Gamesand are also included in the inaugural European Games as well as having a dedicated Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships An overview of the sports acrobatics in even numbered years known as World Sports Acrobatics Championships prior toand continental or region championships in odd numbered years.

Acrobatic gymnastics

It has been said that its appearance, despite not being an Olympic discipline is testament to its ability to entertain. The top is generally caught, or supported in the landing by their base s. The numbers of each type of judge on an acrobatic panel depends on the level of the competition and can vary from one to many with the exception of the Chair, as there is only one CJP per panel.

At the junior and senior levels, all three routines are required, whereas at lower age levels, a single simpler routine is required.

Combined - At the more senior levels of competition, a third routine must be performed that combines both balance and dynamic moves, along with the usual tumbling and dance. There is no requirement from the FIG for gymnasts to have qualified through their own national championships to compete internationally, but local governing bodies will often make their national team selections based on performance at national competition.

These moves require strength, poise, elegance and flexibility. Acrobatic gymnastics events often attract sizeable audiences, because they are highly entertaining, exhilarating, and suspenseful due to what look to be risky or daring moves.

In acrobatic gymnastics, there are then difficulty judges DJ who only assess the difficulty of the elements in the routines; artistic judges AJ who only assess the performance and artistic merits of the routine; and execution judges EJ who only judge what points should be deducted based on imperfect execution of individual elements in the routine.

List of acrobatic activities

The different routine types are as follows: Local and regional competitions often form the qualification stages required to compete at national championships.

Dynamic formerly known as Tempo - These routines demonstrate power, strength and grace through the performance of acrobatic moves that involve the phases of spring, flight, rotation, and landing. Routines[ edit ] Which routines are required at a competition depends on the level at which the gymnasts are competing.

In the senior age group, routines can carry a difficulty tariff of greater than 10, meaning that scores of over 30 are not uncommon.

Scoring[ edit ] The acrobatic gymnastics competitions are judged on a score out of Each of the routine types has a different emphasis, but all include tumbling and dance as elements.

At the London Olympics, acrobatic partnerships were seen performing before the Olympic gymnastic events, and during the opening and closing ceremonies.Homecoming Game (Cobblestone Hotel and Suites - Official Hotel) 10/7/ 12 PM.

Competitions. Acrobatic Gymnastics is part of the World Games, and are also included in the inaugural European Games as well as having a dedicated Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships held in even numbered years (known as World Sports Acrobatics Championships prior to ), and continental or region championships in odd.

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The event is run by a community of acrobats for other acrobats, of every level. It is run along similar lines to the Dutch Acrobatics Convention and other European events. More information can be found on their website here.

An overview of the sports acrobatics
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