Business economics discussion questions

Giving feedback, guiding discussion I circulate among the groups during discussion. Why might international greenhouse gas reduction be a good candidate for tradable permits solutions? What is your opinion of OPEC?

Minimum Wage also used for Labor Economics 1. Prior Business economics discussion questions introducing a topic so that students can explore issues on their own first.

What businesses will have the most problems during the recession? How would you construct a measure of it? What other actions that might be effective? What would you do if you discovered that your company was stealing vast amounts of client or government money?

Small Group Discussions

Under what circumstances would the policy improve efficiency in each case? After they finish their discussion or sometimes at the beginning of the next class if they go to the endwe sum-up in a large group discussion, consolidating their ideas. Type As who are more likely to get a disease, and Type Bs who are less likely to get a disease.

Can you think of any companies or business which would be considered ethical or unethical? First day of class -- California electricity crisis 1.

Do you think technology is a must to grow a business? Then count students out to that number, repeating. Students are left to think about whether poverty should be measured at the individual or household level in addition to what information should be included in the measure.

Now assume that people know what type they are but insurance companies are unable to find out this information. I used this on the first day in Principles class and once in Environmental Economics with more in depth discussion questions.

Who will benefit from this development? Will Type As buy insurance? What are the problems and benefits associated with capitalism? What do you think about cartels situations where a group of independent companies works together to control a market? If you were the boss of the company, what would you change?

Participation in small group discussion is required.

PowerPoints and Small Group Discussion Questions

How can you tell if there is "gouging", according to the economist definition? What are likely problems with this approach? Did it affect your company? Evaluate the proposal using Pareto efficiency, potential Pareto efficiency, and the Harberger criterion.

What do you have to do to become self-employed in your country? To whom should business be most responsible - to their employees, their customers or their shareholders? On efficiency grounds, where should cuts in greenhouse gases be made?

What is good or bad about their service? What kind of people are good at business? Which ones and why? Will there be an adverse selection problem?

Here is a topic based on an email I found that was good for critique not all that complex, but amusing.Do you think that an international convention for a progressive global minimum wage, by groups of economically close countries, would be desirable? Business Economics questions for your custom printable tests and worksheets.

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Browse our pre-made printable worksheets library with a variety of activities and quizzes for all K levels. India's #1 online forum for business discussion, stocks discussion, share market ideas, questions and answers on india and world economy.

- MoneyControl. Small Group Discussions. HomeĀ» Learning & TeachingĀ» Ideas Bank. Contact: Maya Federman (the California energy crisis was a good first day small group discussion for Environmental Economics). Giving feedback, guiding discussion (and once in Environmental Economics with more in depth discussion questions).

Business Economics Questions - All Grades

25 Business English Discussion Questions That Go from Classroom to Boardroom English in Business Warm-up Chances are, if these students are seeking your vast, teacherly knowledge in a business class, they already have a good concept of the importance of business English.

Business conversation questions may also be found at the following external links: ESL conversation questions - business; Eslpartyland conversations - work; Not actually "conversation questions", but useful advice about having a business conversation.

Business economics discussion questions
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