Classroom scenarios

You decide to develop a plan. Also you wonder about helping students who have anxieties about leaving their friends and what lies ahead.

You are concerned that they are not able to solve problems.

High anxiety, with draw from social situations, nervousness, test anxiety, The same students volunteer ideas while others are not very attentive and do not volunteer answers. You have been able to facilitate the students learning in such a way as to create a community of learners.

Just as the principal was finishing an emergency call came for him over the intercom. She has established procedures for almost every activity in the classroom and she is teaching them to the students. When he talked to them as a group, they claimed they knew it and they have been paying attention in class.

Goal Setter believes students need to be empowered by making choices and setting goals. The principal is convinced Classroom scenarios other teachers could benefit if you would explain how you created the positive attitudes that students share in your classroom. Therefore, he allows students to talk whenever there is a break in Classroom scenarios action assignments and materials being passed or collected and transition times.

He said that since the discussion started toward the end of the alloted time for the meeting they would have to continue with the discussion at the next meeting.

At the beginning of the year things seemed to go pretty good. Polish 3 studentsUkrainian 2 studentChinese--Cantonese 3 studentsJapanese 1 studentBrazilian--Portuguese 1 studentRussian 1 studentQuebecois--French 1 studentChinese--Mandarin 2 students. The head of your department continues to be adamant that you use the same textbook that the other teachers in your school are using for this course.

However, there are a few that are really hard to reach. One individual in the group, an ESL student from your homeroom, is not only remaining silent during the discussion but is taking jibes from his peers for his lack of hockey knowledge. When you return from the faculty meeting you and two other members have been assigned to a committee to research, develop, and present a variety of option to use parents and community members more as resources for education, both in and out of the classroom.

You have a student in your class that is very shy. Before returning to school Ms. The early finishers talk, pass notes, walk around the class and visit. Gnu empathizes with students about how difficult it is to be quiet for long periods of time. When they see that the alloted time is about to expire, they make hasty decisions and complete the task quickly, which reduces the quality of work.

State two specific actions you can take to ensure that the needs of this student are met. Manage Everything had an emergency and had a substitute for several days. You know that there will be times this year when students will move in and out of your class too.

You are concerned about the social and academic acclimatization of this new student. Parents want to censor certain topics by not allowing certain books and magazines in the library and not allowing certain topics to be discussed in school.

State two specific actions you can take to modify your next lesson to meet the linguistic needs of such a diverse group of learners. There is a limited and fairly traditional extra-curricular program but a very diverse student population.Role Plays or Scenarios for General Classroom Situations Situation 1: Situation: Ms.

Manage Everything had an emergency and had a substitute for several days. diffuse them/exert control over the classroom. – “Probably 22 studentsstudents inin mymy classclass whowho mysteriouslymysteriously hated each other & would argue given the.

Classroom Management Scenarios Directions: Read each of the following scenarios and discuss your plans for how to effectively manage each situation. 1) Imagine that the bell has just rung.

Students are still standing around the classroom and you are having difficulties getting the students seated for roll call. Solution One Solution Three Scenario 1 Solution Two Solution One Solution Three Scenario 2 Solution One Solution Three Scenario 3 Solution Two Cellphone Calling Out Motivation Solution Two Eye Contact: This lets the student know that the teacher is paying attention to her and gives the signal that.

Classroom Scenario Analysis Classroom Scenario Analysis Mrs. Ross has her fourth grade students move their desks together into groups of 2 to do a group activity. Classroom Scenarios The following is a series of ESL Scenarios submitted by educators.

Each scenario presents the educator with a challenge to consider and some possible solutions.

Classroom scenarios
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