Clcv 114 exam 2

So Apollo made a flower named after him and named an annual feast in his honor. Choose one god from the Iliad, and one god from one of the tragedies read in class two gods total and comment upon the effect of their overall presence and purpose within the two texts.

clcv 115 exam 2

How does the Book of Genesis figure into this discussion, and how does it factor into your own thoughts on the plethora of creation accounts? Zeus acts friendly to her so she gets on his back and he races out to the open sea with her.

What are the similarities that exist between the two genres e. Ganymede - Young boy that Zeus falls in love with. Marsyas - He challenged Apollo to a pipe contest and lost. She rejects Apollo and cries out to her father Zeus for help.

Apollo gropes the tree. How do we as the audience learn what the standard behaviors should be? Why do you think that such diverse and wide-spread cultures tell similar stories when recounting the creation of man?

How are they different, and are they so in any irreconcilable ways? To answer this question, you may want to draw upon the following: Where do you think these similarities come from?

Hera suspects something so Zeus turns her into a cow to throw his wife off the scent. She cannot withstand it and she dies. What could be the reasons that nearly every society has some sort of creation account? You may want to consider the following questions when formulating your answer: Zeus strikes him with a lightning bolt and kills him.

He almost completely destroys the Earth so Earth asks Zeus for help.


How does this trend deviate from what we would expect from tragedy? Zeus fell in love with her when he saw her so he disguised himself as Diana Artemis and he Zeus sends Mercury to kill Argus and she is eventually transformed into a nymph.

Her mother Demeter searches for Persephone and stops fulfilling her duties plants began dying. Jupiter brings their song Bacchus to full term in his thigh. You have now been exposed to two different ancient genres: Compose an essay that discusses each of the two characters in terms of their moderate behavior or lack thereof.

The sun promises him anything he wants and Phaethon asks to drive the chariot of the sun for one day. Hera asks for the cow as a present and sets Argus to keep watch.

If so, how do you explain this consistency across genres? Or, do you see important, irreconcilable differences that are perhaps overlooked in favor of interpretations that stress unity?

How do the gods interact with and understand humans? Europa - Zeus turns himself into a bull and goes to the beach. Juno Hera is angry and disguises herself as an old women and tells her to ask Jupiter to make love with her with all his power as a god.

Apollo ripped his skin off and as he suffered, the Earth took the tears of his friends and made them the river named after him. Apollo Slaying of Python - Apollo killed a monstrous serpent with his arrow. Phaethon - He reaches the palace and heads straight for the sun. Some questions you might consider in your answer are as follows: Do the gods need to be virtuous in order to be worshipped?

What is the relationship between gods and humans? What role did it play for the Greeks, and in what way does it show us today how the Greeks conceived of the gods and their own lives?

Zeus turns her into a laurel tree. What is the relationship between gods and fate? Why are the gods depicted with an anthropomorphism that mirrors the emotions and faults of men? These human-like characteristics are generally inconsistent with our own cultural and religious understandings of the divine.CLCV Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology Thursday, August 6, Final Exam & Miscellaneous.

CLCV - Ancient Greek Culture. Kind of similar to what we've done but even more focused on the Greeks. Final Exam Information & Study Guide.

2 options: 1. Thursday pm in the Perry Library (4th floor of Foreign Language. clcv exam 2 Study Guide: Clcv - Mythology of Greece and Rome from University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign.

View Test Prep - CLCV Test 2- Practice Exam 2 from CLCV / at University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. CLCV Practice Exam 2 1. Argus, who was slayed by Mercury, guarded this.

I didn't go to the Review Lecture. What information will be covered on Exam 2? Will there be any maps we need to identify like there were on the.

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Clcv 114 exam 2
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