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The company later diversified into tennis and other racquet sports; its most notable product was the innovative Arthur Ashe racquet, constructed of aluminum honeycomb.

His skis were not quickly embraced by the market, and it took several years Head ski company tireless promotion by Head Head ski company establish the expensive Standard as a status symbol product. This section needs additional citations for verification.

Also during the s, Head acquired a diving manufacturer, Mares, and a ski binding company, Tyrolia. By the end of the winter ofHead came up with skis that were as strong as wooden skis but were half the weight. Inthe company acquired Dacor, a diving industry pioneer, followed by the addition of Penn Tennis Balls and snowboard makers Blax and Generics.

After graduating with honors in with an engineering degree, Head nevertheless attempted to pursue a writing career, and over the course of the next three years he was fired from various low-paying jobs as a scriptwriter, reporter, and copywriter.

After training for a year with the German conglomerate Siemens in the early s, Eliasch moved to New York, where he realized a quick profit by buying and turning around a small cards company.

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Convincing world class skiers to adopt composite skis took longer, but significant Olympic victories on Head skis during the s sealed the fate of conventional hickory skis. After two years of constantly breaking skis, by the winter of they had a design that not only stayed together, but made turning dramatically easier.

The bonding process proved especially problematic, taking Head several months before he developed a technique of boiling the ski in oil in order to set the glue.

Howard Head

Head figured out the flaws of his design, came up with modifications, sent the new ski pair to Robinson, and the process repeated. Eliasch moved quickly to revitalize the fortunes of HTM.

Head Ski Co. Inc. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Martin Company before securing a position as an engineer. Bored of the results, in Head sold the company to the AMFand took up tennis. Inhe went to work as a riveter for aircraft manufacturer Glenn L. He also pioneered the development of the graphite racquet, which eventually became the industry standard, replacing wooden racquets.

The new improved skis were almost as heavy as the conventional wooden skis, but were stronger and easier to control. Moreover, by possessing important patents covering metal ski construction, Head was well positioned to take advantage of the rising popularity of skiing while established ski manufacturers struggled to catch up.

Now all tennis balls are produced in China. His concept was not to simply make a metal ski, at which others had tried and failed. Aside from a deep interest in cinema, Eliasch was also an avid skier and was well aware of the Head brand. While Head considerably improved the design of the ball machine, he still did not get any better at the game.

Inthe company diversified into athletic footwear, introducing a line of tennis shoes. Howard Head begins designing the first metal ski.

Also inHead signed Olympic champion ski racer Jean-Claude Killy to endorse a new metal and fiberglass ski, the Killy During the four years that it was under Minstar management, Head Sports outsourced marketing and distribution of its products, leaving its Boulder, Colorado, manufacturing facility, where both skis and tennis rackets were produced, as the main operation.

InHead founded the Head Ski Company, which became very successful.

Head Ski Co., Inc.

Weed also introduced an oversize racquet inbefore the first Prince oversize, the aluminum Prince Classic, was introduced. Rather, he looked to the metal-sandwich construction method of the aircraft industry, which developed during World War II when chemists created flexible, waterproof glues to bond aluminum and plywood.

Tennis racquet[ edit ] After retiring, Head decided to take tennis lessons and for this purpose he got himself a tennis ball machine, which was manufactured by Prince Manufacturing Inc.

To begin with he became the majority shareholder and chairman of the board of Prince. We are a technology driven company, our motto being "Superior Performance Through Superior Technology.

Head (company)

Head was so convinced that his future lay with ski design that in January he resigned from Martin to devote all his time to the development of a composite ski.

Head worked at the Glenn L. International Directory of Company Histories, Vol.Head is committed to bringing the best ski experience to winter sports enthusiasts around the world through its development of innovative ski equipment.

Shop eBay for great deals on HEAD Clothing for Men. You'll find new or used products in HEAD Clothing for Men on eBay. Free shipping on selected items. HEAD was founded in Baltimore in by Howard Head who was an aeronautical engineer for the Glenn L. Martin Company and brought new those materials used in aviation to innovate the production and quality of skis and tennis rackets.

Head Ski - Head is committed to bringing the best ski experience to winter sports enthusiasts around the world through its development of innovative ski equipment. Show less Read more. Howard Head (July 31, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – March 3, ) InHead founded the Head Ski Company, which became very successful.

Within a couple of years it was the major supplier of alpine skis in the. The Ski Company has five conveniently located stores that are dedicated to providing the best equipment and services.

Need a tune-up? Need a tune-up? Looking for new winter clothing or ski and snowboard equipment?

Head ski company
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