Ib extended essay evaluation of sources

However, you can make a very good essay, provided you allot yourself enough time to write about something you are interested in. Use your Guide to Writing Research Papers or the online Chicago Style Guide and make sure everything is in the correct style and format.

Avoid accusations of plagiarism by treating documentation with the seriousness it deserves. What did you like about that specific chapter?

IB extended essay writing help: citing sources

The abstract is a formal synopsis of your essay which explains the scope of your investigation and states the research question and conclusion. Always start by reading the subject-specific guidelines, since they will actually help a lot.

Use smooth transitions between paragraphs to link the paragraphs, arguments, and sections of your paper. At the end of the introduction state your thesis or hypothesis for science. Use Times New Roman or Courier font or a similar font; nothing fancy, flashy, or difficult for the eyes.

Outline each subsection of the body. Show us that you see this research as interesting and important, in a genuine way. Approach a teacher about being your EE advisor if he or she says no, keep asking others until you find one - see my notes above on how to pick an EE advisor. You will have to sign an IBO form certifying that your EE is your own, and has no unsourced material in it, before they will even read your essay.

Make sure that your focus is somewhat specific, or that you have a specific topic in mind instead of just a general subject area. Why is the research question significant and worthy of study? What evidence will you present to support your arguments and thesis?

What are the distinct elements of your thesis? What are the new questions and unresolved questions which have arisen from your research and analysis? Was it astrophysics or mechanics?

Introduction and Getting Started! If you are conducting an experiment or analyzing data such as in this EEyour EE body will have a clear and obvious parts following the scientific method: Submit an outline of your EE and a bibliography of potential research sources I recommend at least to your EE advisor.

Students are not expected to show faultless expertise in referencing, but are expected to demonstrate that all sources have been acknowledged.How To Write IB Extended Essay Reflections. As you already know, the new extended essay criteria include 6 marks for Show that you have been careful about choosing your sources and you haven't just used whatever came up first on Google.

The International Baccalaureate Organization (known as the IB) offers four high-quality and challenging educational programmes for a worldwide community of schools, aiming to create a better, more peaceful.

A guide to the research and writing process required for students completing the IB Extended Essay. Extended Essay- The Basics; Step 1. Choose a Subject; Step 2.

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Educate yourself! If you stated a particular methodology in the introduction of your essay, or specific sources, have you used them? Have you provided a critical evaluation of. 'Acknowledging the Work of Another Person' from IB Extended Essay Guide Students must acknowledge all sources used in work submitted to IB for assessment.

Diploma Programme students submit work for assessment in a variety of media that may include audio-visual material, text, graphs, images and/or data published in print or electronic sources. IB notes and discussions for all group subjects including university, CAS, TOK, and Extended Essay (EE).

Huge database of notes available! The Student Room: Discussion forum for International Baccalaureate students.

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) provides several resources for IB World Schools. These include support materials for the extended essay. Items in the IB store are available to everyone.

Ib extended essay evaluation of sources
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