Identify the environmental and managerial forces affecting personal selling

The Economy In a bad economy, even a well-run business may not be able to survive. However, to be more successful, a combination of the two is required. Thus here it is the customer to wholesaler who is pulling the cord.

Advertising increases whereas sales promotion declines. This means that businesses and their component processes hire local people into their labor force, sell their products to these same people, face the same economic challenges, abide by the same set of laws and run on the same cultural assumptions.

When you start your company, you fight against established, more experienced businesses in the same industry. In different phases of a product life cycle, different tools of promotion mix become more effective.

When pull communications are successful, customers will seek out certain products or services and, in essence, by the interest they create, and pull the product through the channel. When your cash resources are too limited, it affects the number of people you can hire, the quality of your equipment, and the amount of advertising you can buy.

The objective is to motivate channel intermediaries to carry certain products to make available to customers. Or are going to sell you products through another channel; shops, hypermarkets, malls?

How to Identify the Environmental and Managerial Forces Affecting Personal Selling

Salespeople using personal selling must adapt their practices and processes to account for these factors in their potential consumers. If the objective is to make mass awareness, the firm may go in for advertising, sales promotion and public relation. The tobacco industry is a classic example.

The marketing manager will have to decide whether to use push or pull strategy. In this example, management would plan out the processes needed to support a "push" selling campaign, hire and train salespeople suited to the aggressive "push" mindset, direct them in their day-to-day selling and use this experience to improve on their initial plans.

Is it about the efficacy? For industrial products more of personal selling is required.

Identify the environmental and managerial forces affecting personal selling?

If it is small the firm it would concentrate on personal selling. Before you read this article, you need to understand what are the internal environmental factors in marketing plan?

For products, where customers do not want to talk with the salesperson like Viagra, condom, hair colour by a senior citizen the advertising is more important. Where the organisation is equally important, the public relations become more important. Stage of the Product Life Cycle: The small entrepreneurs make use of local directories, cable TV bands, radio, local newspapers, outdoor ads and other promotional methods.

In case of Organisational or business buyers, ads published in specialised trade publications and personal selling are more important; whereas, consumers are swayed by glossy advertisements endorsed by some celebrities.

The advertising by the manufacturer may persuade the consumer to ask for the goods to their retailers. Retailers in turn will ask the wholesalers and the wholesalers to manufacturer.

Selling and Distribution Costs: Role of Management Management affects personal selling in the same manner it affects all components and processes of the business. Free samples may be distributed to the consumers and trade promotion may be undertaken to motivate distributors to stock the goods. For high-priced products, personal selling is important to mitigate risk.

Promotion has to be directed at specifying product benefits. The purpose of promotion is to motivate and persuade not only the ultimate consumers, but also to the intermediaries who are available involved in making available goods finally to consumers. Personal Selling Personal selling is the practice in which a salesperson uses one-on-one communication to persuade potential customers to purchase products.

What Are Internal & External Environmental Factors That Affect Business?

Management of Product Life Cycle competitive factors affecting your marketing plan: What is the unique characteristic that makes your product strong? The objectives of pull marketing communication are to build awareness, attraction, and loyalty and to reduce search costs.

7 Important Factors That Affect “Promotion Mix”

Customers and Suppliers Next to your employees, your customers and suppliers may be the most important people you deal with.If the customer is unaware of the product, advertising and public relations are more important, but when he is in the marketplace sales promotion and personal selling are more important to make a decision.

5. Type of Buyer: Buyers can be of different types and promotion mix has to be devised accordingly. Knowing how internal and external environmental factors affect your company can help your business thrive.

External: The Economy In a bad economy, even a well-run business may not be able to survive. The function of planning directing, and controlling the personal selling activities of a business unit, including recruting, selecting, training, equipping, assigning, routing, supervising, paying, and motivating as these tasks apply to the sales forces.

Are respected. Not all factors of the environment affect the marketing person directly but shall certainly influence him and help an effective marketing strategy. The dynamic nature of the environment makes this study interesting and important.

The success of the organisation hinges on monitoring or developing strategies to withstand environmental changes. Identify The Environmental And Managerial Forces Affecting Personal Selling Identify and interpret trends in personal selling Level 5 Credits 5 Purpose People credited with this unit standard are able to: evaluate technologies; evaluate organisational factors; interpret legal, regulatory, and social trends; and interpret international and global trends; that impact on personal selling.

Test 1. Ch. STUDY. PLAY. Which one of the following is not of the managerial forces affecting selling and sales management? decreased emphasis on contacting prospects and customers. The first step in the personal selling process is.

prospecting and qualifying.

Identify the environmental and managerial forces affecting personal selling
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