Noteshelf app custom paper fans

Tip According to the Noteshelf user manual, your image should be by pixels. Easily paste photos, easy pictograms. They have a wide range of colors to pick from and a very nice, easy to navigate UI.


Better than all other note apps, especially with Apple Pencil. They continue to grow and innovate with every update to continue making this app easy, user-friendly, and compatible for all uses.

Jul 19, Myrandr So, in concept this is a solid app It has a zoom feature, but it opens a smaller window at the bottom of the screen and is not intuitive to use.

Meeting notes, brainstorming, ideas, etc are essential. Our all-new Noteshelf 2 is available for iPhone too. In this case, you can create your own template, copy it to your iPad and then import it into Noteshelf.

It gives crisp results which are easy to share on email or social media Samuel Putra Prasetya Artist from Indonesia When I see my friends using an iPad, I always recommend this app. Date Stamp on Pages only after zooming: Swipe with your finger anywhere on the page to turn the page, even when the device is connected to Apple Pencil.

Create new notes and manage your notes better with Siri Shortcuts. If there was a quick feature in which I could highlight pen marks and change the color of the ink, this would fix my problem. We have simplified the export options now.

Orlando Valota Game Designer I noticed how fluid and accurate writing on Noteshelf is and I soon discovered that it is also excellent for drawing. Covers for Imported PDFs: Some of her articles have been published in "Messaggero dei Ragazzi", an Italian magazine for teenagers.

I flip over to a different app for that I use it to take notes - perfectly duplicates the experience of pen and legal pad. And the Sync to Evernote is nice You can have all your data synced with iCloud and access them on any device. I have yet to find an app that beats the quality of this one.

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I would absolutely recommend Noteshelf to anyone responsible for running a business. While this works for my display, I have a dilemma now about how to export this document as a pdf to create guided notes that my students can write on. Drag two-fingers outwards to zoom into Notebooks and PDFs to write and annotate better.

I also use Notepad 2 and Apple Pencil to hand write notes, planning my day, planning my week, reflecting afterwards on what went well and how to build on those accomplishments.

I wish the auto-backup feature would allow you to pick which format you would like to backup in. Another function no one has tried is a carousel of open books that one could hit a button and choose a open or recent notebook, rather than closing and going out to shelf to grab book. Noteshelf 2 is a more intuitive and powerful version of our popular app- Noteshelf!

Annoyed with this appTo Add: Save your customised cover image in your Photo Album then upload it in Noteshelf in two ways: 1. For new notebooks, from the + icon on the Main Shelf, tap on "Pen icon" on the Cover/Paper then swipe all the way to the bottom of this selection screen to find the "Custom" option.

Out of the box, the Noteshelf iPad app comes with 20 paper templates you can use in notebooks; more are available in the in-app store, either for free or for a fee.

Custom Noteshelf Paper

Oct 09,  · Whether you are a student or a working professional, Noteshelf 2 is a perfect note-taking app for you. Take beautiful handwritten notes, type, annotate PDFs, record audio & create lists.

How to Create Your Own Templates for Noteshelf for the iPad

Personalize them with beautiful covers and organize them into categories or groups/5(). With this, I have concluded that paper notes are not needed at all for me. Jim Riggs President, NTN Driveshaft, Inc.

I would absolutely recommend Noteshelf to anyone responsible for running a business. Get 9 new custom paper patterns for your noteshelf app. Including installation manual.

Noteshelf lets you take beautiful handwritten notes or annotate PDFs on your iPad, and now even on your iPhone. The new Noteshelf 2 is a powerful & upgraded version of the much-loved app Noteshelf, packed with advanced features & a cool new user experience!

Noteshelf app custom paper fans
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