Religious studies coursework

As ofmajor Law and Religion organizations in the U. The works of Max Weber emphasised the relationship between religious belief and the economic foundations of society. All students must submit an official transcript, standardized test results, as well as letters of recommendation from a counselor and teachers.

Students who have completed their formal coursework often continue to attend doctoral seminars until they have passed their preliminary examinations and begun work on the dissertation.

Online Certificate in Religious Studies: At least 12 Religious Studies credit hours and junior or senior standing or permission of instructor. The student should also determine, in advance, the availability of committee members to respond to such drafts.

Normally, the faculty hold a brief closed meeting without the candidate or any guests to discuss the format of the defense, and to consider any last minute issues that may have arisen. RS - Hinduism, Buddhism, and Asian Religions 3 credit hours Explores historical and socio-cultural developments within Hinduism, Buddhism, and Asian religions, their relation to other religions, and interactions with broader cultural forces.

Many journals focus on historical or sociological topics or concentrate on particular religious traditions, such as Judaism or Islam.

Top 20 Bachelor in Religious Studies Degree Programs

How can people be encouraged to consume less, or in less destructive ways, when cultures of consumption prove resistant to change? Learn to pronounce classical Hebrew accurately and fluidly. Its Origin and Content 3 credit hours Studies the historical development of biblical and extra-biblical texts with an emphasis on cultivating the skills of critical textual analysis, an understanding of reception history, and the emergence of diverse canons and interpretive approaches across different communities, both Jewish and Christian.

Students should keep in mind, though, that reading and critiquing dissertations is highly time-consuming for faculty. Students reflect on previous religious studies coursework in the context of their college education, analyze and critique substantial theoretical contributions to the discipline of religious studies, and complete a final product that "caps" their study of religion at MTSU.

Learned to compare and contrast diverse religions and their cultural contexts through an emphasis on religious traditions, or on religions in relation to the arts and humanities or on religions in relation to the social sciences.

Religious Studies (BA)

Many courses consist of directed independent study and rely upon a written summary of material learned, rather than a final exam, for a grade. Lectures are delivered on DVD or over the Web.

Students who anticipate completing the dissertation within one month of the semester following that in which they are presently registered may request a one month extension that allows them to complete their work without registering and paying for the following semester. Required Courses for the Emphasis in Religion and the Arts and Humanities 12 credit hours from the following: How does one cultivate an ideal self?

RS - Pilgrimage and Sacred Journeys 3 credit hours A cross-cultural and comparative examination of the dynamics of religious journeys with the goal of gaining a thorough understanding of the phenomenon of pilgrimage in all its complexity.

Of the required 42 credit hours to complete a BA in religious studies, a minimum of 18 credit hours must be taken at Webster University. What is an idol, and why is idolatry so objectionable? There are a number of both theoretical and methodological attitudes common among phenomenologists: Discover how much fun it is read Hebrew prose!

Lived religion[ edit ] Lived religion is the ethnographic and holistic framework for understanding the beliefs, practices, and everyday experiences of religious and spiritual persons in religious studies.This course offers MA students in Religious Studies resources for conceiving and executing a major research project or thesis.

By the end of the semester, each participant will have completed a well-organized, detailed prospectus. Students reflect on previous religious studies coursework in the context of their college education, analyze and critique substantial theoretical contributions to the discipline of religious studies, and complete a final product that "caps" their study of religion at MTSU.

Students interested in careers in local, state, regional and national communities find transdisciplinary encouragement and support in the Bachelor of Arts degree program in religious studies.

Students who are attracted to international study find the undergraduate program rich in multicultural coursework and study abroad opportunities.

Religious studies

Course Work Students are required to take twelve courses (in addition to any language courses), and this is normally done during the first two years of study. Student must earn a grade of Honors in two graduate courses, a requirement set by the Graduate School.

A religious studies major with an emphasis in religion and the social sciences is designed to encourage students to explore religion as it relates to complex issues of human behavior, culture and society that are addressed by disciplines in the social sciences like anthropology, psychology, sociology and so forth.

Religious Studies; Graduate; Graduate Study; Graduate Study. RESIDENCE (COURSEWORK) In Religious Studies, it is often the case that only the advisor reads first drafts, and that second and third (and fourth, if applicable) readers only see and critique the project at a later stage.

Graduate Degree Requirements

These practices, however, are flexible, and students.

Religious studies coursework
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