School uniform should be abolished essay

Children these days are very fussy about what they wear and because there are more styles of clothes these days, than ever before it makes it alot harder to pick what to wear.

This issue becomes a talking-point in our school. Adding on, uniforms are needed to maintain discipline in schools. With wearing school uniforms there is no need to figure out what to wear every day, and there is more concentration on academics.

Should School Uniform Be Abolished? Essay Sample

It is also meant to differentiate students from a different school or level of education. Overall it allows students to work toward academic success and should be abolished. It also gives the same sense of identity and brotherhood, or in this case, sisterhood, as the boys.

Some may argue that by having a uniform you remove the pressure to keep up with the latest fashions and that it shows a pride in the school.

When all the students wear the same uniform, the spirit of learning in school will be uplifted. Their color School uniform should be abolished essay become topics of discussion among students that they lose concentration over their studies.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. School uniforms have been effective in reducing clashes between students within a school, thus making them all equal and as a family.

Others argue that by abolishing uniform it allows a freedom of expression. This causes more pressure on already poor families also parents would feel under pressure to get their children the clothes they want as the children would probably want expensive designer labels.

As a matter of fact, uniforms are tailored as such so that students learn to adapt and follow a guideline without whining about. Essay Sample Most schools across the world have a set uniform that children must wear.

I am totally against the idea as I think uniforms are totally necessary to build proper school culture. These people do not really matter of status symbols because they are forced to spend their money wisely in order to live!

However not all students are as fortunate as others. It will also serve as a distraction in class as students may often look at the clothing wear by their friends instead of the whiteboard where the teachers write and explain the lesson on. Also Children are taught from such a young age that everyone is different where as they should be taught that they are equal and have the same rights.

However purchasing school uniform costs a lot because of most parents have to buy sportswear, summer uniform and winter uniform for their children. For example, if a rich student gets to wear his own prefer clothing, he will tend to choose a branded one which would cause friends around him who are poorer to be envy of him.

This can help students to adapt with the condition of wearing uniforms to work in the future. The guards will not have to check all the students if school uniforms are worn.

School Uniform Should Not Be Abolished

Besides, equality among students can be maintained in school. Personally I think it is ridiculous and unfair to have two different sets of rules in the same environment. Does this not mean that teachers should also have a set uniform especially as they are supposed to set an example for the students?

It is important for us to be sensitive to one another needs in order to maintain racial harmony. Both non school uniform and school uniform cost a fortune especially as children are still growing.

Our school plans to abolish school uniforms and allows students to wear any clothes to school. This is because when students are allowed to wear their choice of clothing, they may want to wear the clothing according to their races and religions.

In this way, it teaches students how to dress accordingly in situations. First, school uniforms promote a sense of belonging and create good school culture. If you were to abolish school uniform, children would feel pressurised to look good, they would find it difficult to put clothes together and would be scared of being judged or bullied.

Thus I agree that school uniform should not be abolished The wearing of own prefers dress code gives students the freedom to wear what they wish that make them feel unique and happy. Another important reason why uniforms are needed is to differentiate strangers from students within the school area.

No matter what family background are the students having, they will wear the same uniform and the difference between rich and poor is smaller.

Schools must have some guidelines in order to discipline students, and without them, student moral values will start to deteriorate. Research had showed that the wearing of school uniform by students can deter them for committing crimes.

Evidently school uniform should be abolished. This causes unhappiness to arise from them as they may feel discriminated.Below is an essay on "School Uniform Should Be Abolished" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples/5(1).

School uniform should be abolished. School uniform should be abolished because it denies pupils to express their personality and individuality. Moreover teachers do not have to wear any form of uniform. In addition other countries are not obliged to wear uniform.

Writing sample of essay on a given topic "School Uniform Should Be Abolished" Introduction A uniform best represent the brand of the academic institution because it is where students will wear the color and the design that best symbolizes any institution. I oppose the motion that ‘School Uniform Should Be Abolished’.

Students are in schools for educational purposes and not to show off their outfits. May 17,  · SCHOOL UNIFORMS SHOULD NOT BE ABOLISHED Schools around the world would not be the same should the rules change. The gap between the rich and the poor widens as rich students will definetely put on their branded clothes to show off their wealth while the students from average-income households might feel inferior as.

A student’s character can be judged by just observing his uniform.

Should School Uniforms Be Abolished?

The uniform displays some of a student’s characteristics, level of discipline, personal cleanliness, his school pride, and essentially his attention to details. School uniforms have been around for a long time, and some schools are already abolishing them, thinking they don’t suit the .

School uniform should be abolished essay
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