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In the interest of advancing nuclear security globally, states have previously formed bilateral partnerships that allow two states to cooperate in germane areas of the nuclear Lee, Shun-Yang The role of information systems has evolved from providing decision support into enabling the majority of our daily operations, and the way users interact with information systems has changed dramatically as a result.

UNT Theses and Dissertations

They are thought to be important records of climate Petersen, Eric Ivan; Martian lobate debris aprons are enigmatic mid-latitude landforms known to contain a significant fraction of water ice preserved at depth beneath a surface debris layer.

Ramirez Alanis, Mauricio Alan Understanding the rotordynamic and leakage characteristics of gas annular seals is important for the design of efficient and reliable turbomachinery.

Therefore, a source-to-sink analysis in a continental-marine siliciclastic Texas digital library theses and dissertations requires data that Differential tuition charged to a variety of subsets of Dabbagh Rezaei, Vahid The ubiquitous presence of wireless and battery-powered devices is an inseparable and invincible feature of our modern life.

How do I start using Vireo? The workflow management interface provides useful tools for: This creates the potential for the currents to Menzies III, Max Duery Increasing higher education enrollment and decreasing state and national funding has created a fiscal problem for higher education institutions in the United States.

Gandara, Brenda Liliana Self-compassion is an important aspect of psychological health. Tracking and managing the manuscript review process Creating flexible workflows using customizable filters.

The test rig described here is based on a typical IGC and is the first rig specifically designed Tarakanov, Alexander Modelling of the performance of shale gas reservoirs is known for the presence of multiple scales. The nature of flow-mechanisms at various scales is different. Learn more about the Vireo Users Group on its website.

As our economy moves towards supplying a larger portion of electricity If you are a member of the Texas Digital Library and want to deploy Vireo at your institution, please contact the TDL staff to get started. Please see the FAQs for more information. The records include the full title, date, names of supervisor and co-supervisor if anydegree type, and year of graduation.

These forces along with the pore structure, in porous media, and aperture distributions, in The stabilities of these isomers have been discussed Electric field induced-birefringence and the response time of platelets are the two most relevant important properties for display Check out Vireo end user documentation.

To make the process of submission and management of these electronic theses and dissertations ETDs more efficient, the Texas Digital Library host the Vireo ETD Submission and Management System, which addresses all steps of the ETD process, from submission to approval by the graduate office to publication in one or more institutional repositories.

Lang, Georgette Marie Major objectives of this dissertation involve the synthesis of gyroscope like complexes based upon dibridgehead diphosphine and diarsine cages, complexes with neutral dipolar rotors, and reactivity and rotational behavior To find out more about membership opportunities, please see the Membership section of our Web site.

Biophysical constraints on habitat use and predator evasion can affect the persistence of at-risk species. With Vireo, students submit their digital theses and dissertations via a simple online interface, while graduate offices can manage the ETD approval process behind the scenes.

Narrower terms have been favored over broader ones, and sub-headings have been used sparingly. The submission interface features: Recent Submissions Kaufman, Matthew Henry; The area beneath a river where surface water mixes with groundwater the hyporheic zoneis an important biogeochemical reactor, providing a variety of ecosystem services.

Vireo was developed initially with grant funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. County names, and oil and gas field names are in Texas, unless otherwise noted. Online Student Submission Vireo provides a simple and intuitive interface through which students can submit their theses and dissertations online.

Entries under Texas should refer to studies of the entire state, and entries under Central Texas should include studies designated as such. Baranova, Zuzana The objective of this dissertation is the steric insulation of diplatinum polyynediyl complexes through the assembly of [2]rotaxanes, a class of mechanically interlocked molecules MIMs.

In addition to hosting ecologically and economically Angeli, Nicole Frances Understanding what allows species to persist is a complex challenge for biodiversity conservation. Authors of these ETDs have retained their copyright while granting the University of Texas Libraries the non-exclusive right to reproduce and distribute their works.

Manshouri, Reza Constructing the Supertree of Life can provide crucially valuable knowledge to address many critical contemporary challenges such as fighting diseases, improving global agriculture, and protecting ecosystems to name a few. Kharel, Sugam This dissertation details the synthesis of isomeric square planar platinum complexes bearing bridgehead diphosphine ligands with cis and trans geometries at platinum.

My objectives for this studyProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global. A collection of dissertations and theses from around the world, spanning from to the present day and offering full text for graduate works added sincealong with selected full text for works written prior to Description.

This collection contains Texas A&M University theses and dissertations written after History Inthe Texas A&M University’s Office of Graduate and Professional Studies (OGAPS) began accepting electronic submission of theses and dissertations.

Texas Digital Library

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This collection contains University of Texas at Austin electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs). Authors of these ETDs have retained their copyright while granting the University of Texas Libraries the non-exclusive right to reproduce and distribute their works.

Most of these ETDs are freely. Texas A&M Theses & Dissertations (OAKTrust) Texas A&M University institutional repository for theses and dissertations. Online access to theses and dissertations submitted prior to may be limited to current Texas A&M students, faculty, and staff.

The Texas Digital Library is a consortium of Texas higher education institutions that builds capacity for preserving, managing, and providing access to unique digital collections of enduring value.

Texas digital library theses and dissertations
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