Vintage advertising paperweights

Inhe donated 1, weights from his collection to the Art Institute of Chicago, where they remain today. The ground on which the inner parts rest may be clear or colored, made of unfused sand, or resemble lace latticinio. Swirl paperweights have opaque rods of two or three colors radiating like a pinwheel from a central millefiori floret.

He is best known for his novel Das Bootwhich became an international bestseller and was adapted in as an Oscar-nominated film. The workmanship in a millefiori paperweight, for example, is no better than that perfected for the production of inlay plaques in ancient Alexandria Together, they made between 15, and 25, weights in the classic period.

Basic features[ edit ] Decorative glass paperweights have a flat or slightly concave base, usually polished but sometimes frosted, cut in one of several variations e.

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Visible flaws, such as bubbles, striations and scratches lessen the value. When one looks at paperweights in terms of the history of glassmaking, one realizes that there is little that makes them unique. Paperweights were also made by Bohemian glassworks most unnamed and more rarely by the Belgians Val St.

Art Glass Paperweights

Clair, Lotton, and Parabelle Glass. Types of glass paperweights[ edit ] Modern St. California-style paperweights are made by "painting" the surface of the dome with colored molten glass torchworkand manipulated with picks or other tools. The French representatives saw these pretty objects and their glassmakers proceeded to capture the market with their more precise work.

Louis, [7] and Clichy. A paperweight collection Museum collections[ edit ] The United States has a number of museums exhibiting outstanding paperweight collections. Paperweights are surprisingly precise wonders to behold. Better yet, consider joining one of the recognized paperweight collecting organizations and learn how to judge rarity, quality and value.

Paperweight collectors[ edit ] There are many paperweight collectors worldwide. Caution is recommended for a neophyte bidding on eBay. This is a form particularly favored by studio artists.

From the Estelle Doheney Collection. The only differences are usually the rarity and the number of weights in the collections. A number of small studios appeared in the middle 20th century, particularly in the US.

The objects are often stylized, but may be highly realistic.


Many of these look so lifelike that they are often thought to be real. Abrams or Barnes and Abrams and may list either the Maxwell or Graeser patent date. The lampwork weights include sculpted lifelike single flowers and bouquets, or animals made of glass.

Kretchmer, and until several days ago, held in the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago. Most paperweights, which are considered works of art, use one of the above techniques; millefiori, lampwork or sulphide — all techniques that had been around long before the advent of paperweights.

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Graeser, patented a different process for making advertising paperweights in Wafers Rare Biscuit Metal San Soda Co Francisco Vintage Paperweight Advertising Rare Francisco Vintage Biscuit Co Paperweight Metal Advertising San Wafers Soda Rare Vintage San.

Antique Monarch Metal Advertising Glass Paperweight James Robertson Co Canada Antique Monarch -. Some of the earliest paperweights were made in Venice in the s. They were gathered together out of scraps of latticino and other types of cane, as well as chunks of aventurine quartz, which would be picked up by a ball of hot glass at the end of a pipe, covered with more clear glass, and then fashioned into a smooth cylinder.

The glass was of poor quality and the collection of scrambled. Find great deals on eBay for advertising paperweight. Shop with confidence. Find great deals on eBay for vintage advertising paperweight. Shop with confidence. lot (6) assorted vintage glass advertising paperweights including coney island, largest 3 x 4 1/2".

Item Details. A group of three vintage novelty glass paperweights with advertising and encased dice. Includes: M.C. Robinson & Co., Metra Electronics Corporation, and The Forest City Paint & Varnish Co.

Vintage advertising paperweights
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